Commodore Pet 2001

From: Phil Clayton <>
Date: Wed Dec 23 06:38:31 1998

I have been searching the internet for 6 months now for a
Commodore Pet ..
Well I finally got an original Commodore Pet 2001 8MB RAM
Purchased this fine computer from an individual for $230.00
knowing that it did not work.
It is cosmetically in Very Fine Condition, however the previous
owner said it was dead and only got a cursor on the screen..
After I received it, I started looking closely on the main board
and there it was a video IC chip that had 2 pins not in the socket.
I reinserted it, and did get a prompt but just for a few moments.
So decieded to reinserted all the IC's. I powered it up again..
And there is was 8 MB RAM and the beautiful Commodore
Basic prompt..
Typed in a small BASIC program and it worked just fine.
The Chicklet keyboard has several keys that are hard to get to
work, I must press some of them several times to work..
Anyone have any ideas on how to clean them.
Have not tested the built in cassette yet..
I am very excited to add this great machine to my collection.
In 1978 I Lusted for the first time for a computer, and it was
this machine. But in 1978 no way could I afford to buy one..
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