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>> (I still can't get all this Clinton stuff - You (Americanos)
>> must live on the happiest place of this world, if you have
>> the time to go for this zipper thing ...)
>> Gruss
>> H.
>Beautifully said. :)

Most Aussies feel the same way. Not many here care if he
got a head job from some dame at work. Or more than a
head job. It's a personal matter.
This whole thing is a media driven circus.
I think it's backfired on those that thought they had the most to
gain from it, his popularity is very high despite (or in spite - who knows)
of the circus.
The majority of US voteres seem to think he's a good president.
Nothing else really matters.
Aussies and Brits generally assume that pollys are getting a
bit on the side here and there. But no-one really cares anymore.
His biggest mistake was responding to this type of question.
Refusing to even comment on personal matters would
be the sensible approach.

Just my 2c worth.

Merry Christmas All
It's after 7:30pm Xmas Eve, and it's 36C.


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