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Date: Fri Dec 25 02:55:43 1998

Hey, I like old radios too. I got my start with tube short-wave radios about
the time the transistor was invented. I took a Hallicrafter S-40B to 4-H
summer camp and strung a long wire antenna. I still travel with a short-wave,
a Sony ICF2002 and a wire antenna.

However this is a classic computer forum so I will ask computer questions. Is
there a web site or inventory of early Russian computers like the Russian
Calculator site run by our fellow friend AD? Was there a system similar to
SAGE? (I loved Jim Willings pictures.) What is the history of the early
Russian computer development like?

I also liked the report back to the list of contact with the posters. If
anyone ends up doing business with them I would love to see that also.

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