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Date: Fri Dec 25 04:36:27 1998

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>> Merry Christmas All
>> It's after 7:30pm Xmas Eve, and it's 36C.
>> Seeya
>If it wasn't for Christmas, I'll hate you for teasing us
>with this ridicoulus temperatures while we have -3C :)

Want to swap? I HATE summer. My shop is not airconditioned and
I can't take computers apart while I'm dripping on to the boards.
I really like cold weather. Mind you, it never gets below 0C here,
except maybe a couple below during the mid winter nights.

>Anyway, Fr?hliche Weihnacht to all of you.

And to you all. It's 9pm on Christmas Day, we had a cool
southerly change, and the temp is now a very comfortable
22C or so. But it's still 30+ in the shop. Gonna have to get
some exhaust fans or an evaporative cooler at least......

We had Xmas Dinner outside around the BBQ, but it was
a bit warm even there.


Geoff Roberts
Computer Room Internet Cafe
Port Pirie
South Australia.
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