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From: Sergey Svishchev <svs_at_ropnet.ru>
Date: Fri Dec 25 06:05:27 1998

On Fri, Dec 25, 1998 at 08:02:44PM +1100, Andrew Davie wrote:

> > there a web site or inventory of early Russian computers like the Russian
> > Calculator site run by our fellow friend AD? Was there a system similar to
> > SAGE? (I loved Jim Willings pictures.) What is the history of the early
> > Russian computer development like?

Comprehensive Computer Catalogue lists some Russian machines -- search it
using country name 'USSR'. (I really should extract some data out of books
I have and send an update to maintainer...)

> Indeed.
> http://www.computer-museum.ru/
> The first "glass jar" leads to computer pictures. I hope your Cyrillic is
> good.
> Some interesting pictures, you'll have to work hard to read the data :)

Some more sites to visit:





I'll post more URLs later.

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