Commodore Pet 2001

From: Phil Clayton <>
Date: Fri Dec 25 00:29:16 1998

Thanks Larry for all the information on the Pet,I feel like a kid on Christmas with my
new find..
Like I said in 1978 this is the very first computer that I got bug from.
It was in a window of a High-tech Gadget type store with a great
graphics demo running. I inquired about it from the Clerk there who knew nothing
about it. Nor did I, but it was pure Lust on my part with the thought of owning
such an obviously powerful computer. When he told me the price of $599.00 I
know it would be some time before I could own it. So now only 21 years later
I have one.

I will take look see if its the earliest version Basic or the upgraded one.

> Now when it powers up if it reads:
> you have the original classic (read 'bug-ridden') ROMs.if it reads:
> you have the 'upgrade' (mostly bug fixed) ROMs.
> The earlier units used butchered SANYO cassette players (you can tell if the
> unit has white control buttons and a lift-lid. Later units were a clean
> commodore design in all-black with eject button.

Mine has the the Sanyo Cassette with White keysAlso the border around the screen is blue
not White or Black like
some others I have seen..

Does this indicate an earlier Pet ?

> For more information check out my PET FAQ:
> And my Commodore PET tribute Page:
> nopt to mention the PET related links on my main commodore page (see signature line)

  This is a great source of information to me, Thanks you very much for
telling me about..

I'll be working on the keyboard later today or tomorrow, let you know how it goes..

Thanks again..

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