SCSI floppies

From: Roger Ivie <>
Date: Fri Dec 25 21:15:49 1998

> I know it was mentioned here before that the rz23 drives don't autostart.
> Does anyone know if older macintosh's (say, an se30) can give the device
> start sequence? or if there's any simple way to force the drive to start
> anyway?

It's possible to make the drive autostart; it's some sort of settable
option in the drive's firmware. The only program I've seen to manipulate
it, however, is rzdisk on the MIPS-based DECstations. Using rzdisk under
Ultrix, you can configure the drive to spin up on power on. I believe
there's also a version of RZDISK available for Alpha VMS, but I've not
encountered it there.

Roger Ivie
Received on Fri Dec 25 1998 - 21:15:49 GMT

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