SCSI floppies

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Date: Sat Dec 26 01:22:43 1998 wrote:

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> > Dunno. Whatever 386 PS/2 w/SCSI and MCA. Seemed like a 2.88 at the time.
> i believe that would be the 8556/8557 models. they had built in scsi and those
> 2.88 drives. the 95xx series did as well.

Still MFM floppies though, even in the ones with a separate SCSI controller. I've
taken 2.88 floppies from 56's and put them into 80's that even had an ESDI
attachment controller in them. Even the IBM hardware maintenance manual doesn't
state anything of SCSI in the floppies in any of the 85xx and 95xx models.
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