ZWX-0248-62 main unit CHEEEP

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Sat Dec 26 14:03:42 1998

Time to clear the closets! I have one great condition ZDS ZWX-0248-62
(aka Z-248) unit as follows:

*Case - has two external bays, 4 internal. Filler plate on one external
*Power supply - standard Z-248 power supply in great condition
*Motherboard - standard 286 Z-248 motherboard
*Both drive bay inserts (the steel drive holders that slip in/out)
*Hercules/parallel video board - use with a monochrome monitor for
outstanding graphics, even in Win 3.xx
*ZDS I/O board with 1 serial, 1 parallel
*MFM and FDD controller (no cables) Should take both sizes of 3.5" and
5.25" floppies.
*Memory expansion board - gives the system a total 640k base memory,
1024k addition ext. memory (allows Windows to run nice and fast!)

The unit does NOT have a hard drive, floppy drive or the FD or HD
cables. This saves weight in shipping since most of us have closets full
of 360k, 1.2, etc drives and tons of MFM hard drives.

How much? $10 plus actual USPS shipping. This mostly covers my time in
packing it up and hauling it to the post office. (I've seen the memory
upgrades go for $20 easy by themselves) It seems to weigh in the area of
around 15 lbs. My zip is 40144 in case anyone wants to estimate
shipping. Payment by money or cashier's checks only, prepaid. This is,
if anything, a cheap source of upgrade and parts for someone with an
in-use Z248. Add a floppy, HD and cables and you have a working unit for
next to nothing as well. Should someone really need a floppy drive, all
I can offer is a good original black faced 360k that came in the unit
new, free with the unit, but it will add shipping weight. I can also
toss in a Seagate MFM hard drive but since I have no cables the drive
will not be guaranteed to work.

I need this out of my way soon or it goes to the scrap heap. Let me know
by January 2nd if you're interested, by direct email to

Serious US/APO/FPO addresses only.
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