SCSI floppies - Wang drives

From: Jason Willgruber <>
Date: Sun Dec 27 02:35:56 1998

>> The Wang laptop (transportable) was a huge black machine that connected
>> several peripherals via it's 50 pin Centronics interface connector
>> at the end of the chain. I have never seen a 3 1/2" floppy for it so I am
>> surprised that it had only a 720 available. I don't think they made a
1.44. I
>> had a MO drive for them once and I know there was a CD also. You could
>> more than one hard drive too. Wang had pretty good firmware, so I am not
>> surprised that they are plug and play. I have no idea how well Wang
>> with the SCSI standards.
>> Paxton
>If they did it like everything else that they made, they did it 'their
> - don
They didn't do the printer their way'. It's a Brother EP-41-45 thermal
typewriter printer just stuck into the case. Does anyone know what speed
the modems in those things were? Mine's loaded with the 1MB RAM option, and
modem, but have no idea if it's actually useful or not. One other question:
How do I access the RAM above 640k? Do I need a special driver, or does it
somehow have 1MB base RAM (Is that even possible??)
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