SCSI floppies - Wang drives

From: Jason Willgruber <>
Date: Sun Dec 27 17:46:13 1998

>Get yourself a memory manager like QEMM. Or if you load DOS 6.0 you
>should be able to use MemMaker to open up hi memory. Basically you need
>to load HIMEM.SYS in your CONFIG.SYS to open up hi-memory for DOS and
Well, the WANG has it's own special version of DOS 3.2 (or 3.3 - can't
remember). I can't just load any version of dos on it, and expect it to
boot. It had a special "WOS" (WANG OS) file or something that makes it work
right. If I try to boot off of even another version of DOS 3.2, it won't
work (even if the disk is formatted on the WANG).

What's the lowest version of DOS that HIMEM.SYS works under (never tried it
below 5.0)?

One last (I think) about this thing: I've heard that it has an in-ROM word
processing program, and a non-DOS operating system. How do I get to these,
since when I got the computer, it was already loaded with the DOS-emulator.

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