FW: WTB: I Want a PDP-11

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_my-dejanews.com>
Date: Sun Dec 27 17:56:18 1998

        Any takers? Sounds like an opportunity to make another collector happy
and, possibly, make a few bucks in the process.

        Reply to the originator directly if interested.

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>>I am a collector of older computers, mostly home PC's from the late
>>70's. I would love to add a PDP-11 to my collection, as the only non-PC.
>>I have searched the web trying to find a place to buy/save one, but have
>>come up empty. I cannot afford to spend a lot, but would happy pay
>>something for one, including crating/shipping charges. It will
>>definately find a good, safe home.
>>If you know of a PDP that needs a good home and would like to help me to
>>rescue it, please let me know. Email responses to
>>todd.osborne_at_barnstormer-software.com are also greatly appreciated.

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