VT420 Terminal to LA75 Printer

From: Daniel T. Burrows <dburrows_at_netpath.net>
Date: Sun Dec 27 19:08:02 1998

>Anyway, my long quest for a DEC printer is doubly at a end. I'm waiting
>for UPS to deliever one, and I was just given one. It's the simple Classic
>Computer collecting rule, if you're searching for something, once you find
>one, you'll be swamped.

Murphy's Law.

>Anyway, I've got the printer connected to the printer port on the VT420,
>and am now trying to figure out how to set it up. Does anyone know what
>are the proper settings for having a LA75 connected to the VT420? It looks
>as it the only setting that can be changed are on the terminal.
First find out what the printer configuration is by holding the setup button
while powering it on. It will then print the full setup and leave you in
setup mode. You can then change parameters by stepping through them with
the front panel buttons. Note: the writing that is below the buttons is for
setup mode. First get to the parameter you want to change "feature" mode
using previous or next then hit "value" to toggle what you want with
previous and/or next. Then hit feature to get back to feature mode. Once
you have everything set as you want hit setup and it will save and exit to
normal. There are 2 protocols DEC and other. Other is IBM proprinter.
This is very useful for people that only have inkjets - hook one up to a
serial port and use it for routine printing. I have several friends that
have bought them from me for just that use. $4.50 for a ribbon at Office
Depot is a lot cheaper than inkjet cartridges.

Once you have the printer setup as you want it F3 for setup on the VT420.
Go to the printer menu and set your baud rate etc. Normal print mode is hit
F2 for screen print. Auto print mode is it prints everything that comes to
the terminal. Controller mode: The host can send to the printer without
displaying on the screen.

I have a VT420 book here if you want me to look up any special control

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