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Date: Sun Dec 27 15:59:23 1998

>This show a fundemental lack of knowledge about Intel CPUs and their

Fundamental? No. But about everything else, yes. Remember, I'm of more
ore less a PC generation. Everything before my 486, I learned secondhand,
and not to well. But yeah, I really haven't the faintest.

>8088 actually runs for the same clock about 20% slower than the 8086
>but using significantly fewer glue chips.

Hmm... but it still had the half width bus, right?

>The 386sx is a lower pin count 386 that uses a 16 bit bus insted of the
>32bit again for lower cost and lower power. Bus bandwith was not half
>as it is faster than that.

Yeah, but it's still a 'downgrade'. But the 386SX was a fairly good
success, and I take back anything bad I said about it. But once again, the
386SX didn't give the 386 all it's glory.

>Celeron, PII with big internal cache. I just powered up a celeron 333mhz
>with 128k internal cache and it's remarkably fast(and cheap).

Yeah. I'm not argueing with that. Actually, the 128K's at full clock
speed, not half, like in a PII, so eventually, you loose an amazingly small
amount of performance. When you add in the fact that you can overclock the
Celeron a lot more than a PII (a 333 can go to 450MHz, according to some
reports, but I don't have that kind of a cooling system. Tropics, and all.)

>286 never saw a 288 version.

I'd never heard of one. Although that makes sense, as it'd be pretty bad
to have a 2nd generation x86 16-bit processor with some of the 'cost
saving' but no longer necessary features of a 8088.

>ISA and EISA bus machines are slow as the BUS speeds are limited to
>~8mhz. This is where many older machines hit the speed wall. PCI and
>other extended busses are faster (to the limits of the cpu level bus).

Yeah, but IIRC, some parts of even the newest XEON based system are 8 bits
(like the BIOS). You've got 16 interrupts, half of which are taken up by
things as simple as clocks, etc. and then you've got a whole bunch of parts
which should share IRQ's but don't... I say it's well past time that we put
the PC architeticutre to rest.

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