VT420 Terminal to LA75 Printer

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Subject: VT420 Terminal to LA75 Printer

>I've no idea if these count as classic hardware, but the PDP-11/73 they're
>attached to does.

Close enough!

>It's the simple Classic Computer collecting rule, if you're searching for
>something, once you find one, you'll be swamped.

I know that feeling.

>Anyway, I've got the printer connected to the printer port on the VT420,
>and am now trying to figure out how to set it up. Does anyone know what
>are the proper settings for having a LA75 connected to the VT420? It looks
>as it the only setting that can be changed are on the terminal.

You might try 4800, 8, N, 1. It seems pretty common.
There should be dip switches on the LA75 somewhere to let you change the
baud rate. IIRC, if you hold down the LF key when you power up the printer,
should print a test page, which I think includes the serial port status.
(It's either LF or FF, not sure which)

I don't have a DEC printer on my Microvax II, it's an old CITOH 2500, I just
VMS it was an LA210 and it works perfectly. A Brother M1724L also works
very well that way too. (Both are 24pin Wide Carriage)

The situation may be somewhat different on a PDP with a different O/S of
I don't know enough about those machines to comment intelligently.

Hope this helps.


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