Seagate ST-506 DIP switch settings needed

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Mon Dec 28 00:28:12 1998

On Mon, 28 Dec 1998, Jason Willgruber wrote:

> O.K. I just tried that. It doesn't work. However, when I close all the
> switches (on), and set it as drive 1 (straight cable), FDISK says it can't
> find disk 1. It does the same with a twisted cable (says the drive is disk
> 2) Should I try setting it as disk 2 and see what happens?
Probably no great point in that. FDISK cannot usually see an ST-506/412
interface HD that has not been low level formatted on the controller in
use at the time. Set the switch for the appropriate cable, and power up
the computer. Bring up DEBUG and at the '-' prompt, enter DC800:0<CR>.
If you see ASCII text that indicates that you are looking at a WD
controller, then enter G=C800:5 and follow the prompts to low level
format the disk. If this is successful - if the disk is good - then
FDISK should see it on the next bootup and you can go on from there.

If it is not successful, you probably have a bad HD. Also, if your
DC800:0 search does not yield ASCII, try other addresses in 200H
increments. That is, such as CA00:0, CC00:0, etc.

                                                 - don
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