AC/DC radio precautions, was Old Radios

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Date: Mon Dec 28 11:15:48 1998


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> Come now comrade Griffiths, an old radio never hurt anyone.
>>>What, not even if you touch the chassis of an AA5 with wet hands?
 I stand corrected. This is a good time to mention to our list members
 that if they find an old tube radio, especially an AC/DC set (you can
 tell this by the absence of a power transformer and a tube complement
 which will equal 120 volts for total filament voltage, some even have
 often having the 120 hot wire soldered to the chassis. If you touch
 the chassis on one of these sets wired with the hot to chassis, then
 ground yourself, you'll electrocute yourself. Always use one hand only
 so you don't provide a path for the current (likewise be certain you
 have insulated shoes, not providing a current path anywhere on your
 body). If you need to work on one of these sets, use an isolation
 transformer or wire a light bulb between the set and house current
 (the light bulb filiment should open before you fry, thus breaking the
> Marty
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