AC/DC radio precautions, was Old Radios

From: dave dameron <>
Date: Mon Dec 28 14:30:37 1998

Hi Marty,
At 12:15 PM 12/28/98 -0500, you wrote:
> often having the 120 hot wire soldered to the chassis. If you touch
> the chassis on one of these sets wired with the hot to chassis, then
> ground yourself, you'll electrocute yourself. Always use one hand only
> so you don't provide a path for the current (likewise be certain you
> have insulated shoes, not providing a current path anywhere on your
> body). If you need to work on one of these sets, use an isolation
> transformer or wire a light bulb between the set and house current
> (the light bulb filiment should open before you fry, thus breaking the
> circuit).
> Marty

An isolation transformer is a good idea, but a light bulb is series will
only limit the current to its rating. Even with a short circuit, it will
only light at full brillance, not act as a breaker. It may protect
components in the radio, but it is no shock protection. A 40 watt bulb (a
smaller size) still has about 0.3A at 120 volts, way more than enough to
electrocute yourself if the current flows in the wrong path :(.
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