OT: OS/2 2.0

From: Dominique Cormann <kozmik_at_wave.home.com>
Date: Mon Dec 28 15:13:22 1998

On Mon, 28 Dec 1998 11:47:41 -0500
"Max Eskin" <kurtkilgor_at_bigfoot.com> wrote:

> I know this is somewhat off-topic, since OS/2 2.0 is too new, but does
> anyone know where I could get the software to get it to connect to the
> internet via PPP? I installed it, and it's a fairly nice system.

You could get the tcp/ip package for 2.0...but gawd knows where you'd
find it.

Its easier to just find a copy of 3.0 somewhere for practically nothing.
It has a tcp/ip stack.

Plus ibm support 3.0 still, with fixpacks it has most of the
functionality now of the current version 4.0. They did this because a
lot of banks or other contracts still use 3.0 instead of 4.0, since its
uses less memory, and is more modular.

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