OT, but info needed: RAM uprade

From: Max Eskin <kurtkilg_at_geocities.com>
Date: Mon Dec 28 19:34:10 1998

On Mon, 28 Dec 1998 ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk wrote:
> > >Give an engineer a copy of the PC techrefs and count how many times he
> > >says 'They did WHAT???' as he reads the schematics :-). It appears that
> > >if there are 2 ways to do something, the PC always made the worst
> > >choice...

But then, how many PCs are there of which this can be said? I can think

*IBM PC - tony said it, not I
*Altair - I think the general consenus is that it was a cheap design
*IMSAI - The PSU and cooling design
*Apple /// - I guess the main problem w/these was the high-density board
*Mac Plus - The PSU and probably other stuff too
*VICs and C-* - I've heard almost everything about these

Of course, I would have included many modern computers, but one can hardly
give someone the techrefs for those :)

> There's a difference between a cheap (either to design or to manufacture)
> design and a crazy design :-)

Any dangerous parts, like in the Mac Plus?

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