HELP!!!! TRS-80 Mod III M/B NEEDED!!!!

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Date: Mon Dec 28 16:16:49 1998

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> >> basically melted. Most of the chips are like that. There's paper clips
> >> permanantly fused to other parts of the board.
> >
> >Ouch!!! I'm not going to try to reproduce this, but I wonder what
> >actually happened. Yes, OK, paper clips shorted all sorts of things
> >out, but what did all the damage?
> >
> Huh? The solder melted in a lot of the places, and the paper clips stuck to
> it. There's a lot of fried traces, too. Instead of trying to fix it, I'd
> be MUCH better off just finding another board.

The RS tandy model III circuit board is very weak and burns out like
that, very terrible at solder rework. Better off find another board
or a couple of donors? Oh, I have at least 4 pulls of those little
switching PSU's but those are very common size and pinouts, I saw
several in other devices with better current ratings. One was in
Cipher external drive for example. BUT, you could in theory pull
the newflagled 200W PS/2 style clone PSU's and rid the "humming"
monster tranformer with regulators and caps and feed the floppy drive
from that self-same 200W switcher?

One thing I ASK: HOW come those clips can slip in those slotted
vents (it's blocked by screening too!) and trap into their deadly
short circuits act on that _VERTICAL_ board?! I thought that would
be more possible if the boards were horizontal.

That is what I'm talking about in those silver-grey clamshell with
9" mono monitor, space for 2 5.25" FDs, orange reset key, great
keyboard, cutouts for 2 extra add on cards to interface with outside
world for external boxens. Power rocker switch on right side just

I had it years ago but it blew up somewhere by stray static. No
smoke to hint at all.

Jason D.
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