HELP!!!! TRS-80 Mod III M/B NEEDED!!!!

From: Jason Willgruber <>
Date: Tue Dec 29 00:23:10 1998

*One thing I ASK: HOW come those clips can slip in those slotted
*vents (it's blocked by screening too!) and trap into their deadly
*short circuits act on that _VERTICAL_ board?! I thought that would
*be more possible if the boards were horizontal.

Well, there was no screen on the vents in _this_ TRS-80. Also, when I got
the computer (it had been in a flooded basement), the rear CPU board
shield/cove had rusted fairly bad, and when it was on, the computer wouldn't
boot, so it wasn't there. I'm not sure of the exact path the paper clips
took, but once they hit electric current, they stayed there. The one that
fell across the 120v main PSU power connector actually fused to the
connector, and I had to use a wire cutter to remove it.

*That is what I'm talking about in those silver-grey clamshell with
*9" mono monitor, space for 2 5.25" FDs, orange reset key, great
*keyboard, cutouts for 2 extra add on cards to interface with outside
*world for external boxens. Power rocker switch on right side just

Sort of. It's got a 12"mono TV tube in the case. Clamshell? Isn't that
what they called the Zenith laptops? Or are you referring to the color?
Mine had the two floppies, and the two cutouts for the add-on cards were for
serial and floppy (serial was optional, the floppy one was just the bottom
of the FDC). Mine had both, although the serial card (which never worked
right) is a charred mess. I'm not sure how it happened, either. There
weren't even any paperclips in it.

*I had it years ago but it blew up somewhere by stray static. No
*smoke to hint at all

The whole side of my basement had a slight fog. The whole house stunk, too.
                 -Jason Willgruber
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