Old Microsoft MSX standard?

From: Hans B Pufal <hansp_at_digiweb.com>
Date: Tue Dec 29 00:33:47 1998

Richard A. Cini, Jr. wrote:

> While reading some late-1984 Byte mags, I came across a description of
> the Microsoft MSX computer standard. Implemented mostly by Japanese computer
> manufacturers, an MSX computer is CP/M based with 32k of RAM, a cassette

Well, more accurately Z80 based, I do not know of any CP/M
implementations on MSX computers...

> port, RF modulator, and cartridge slots for expansion. I picture a Z80-based
> VIC-20 or C64, although not in that physical form.
> Anyone have any info on this?

These were quite popular in Europe, I have two or three examples. There
is quite a strong following on the net. I also have a couple of books
describing the architecture as dictated by M$.

What more do you want to know?


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