video reversing

From: Jason Willgruber <>
Date: Tue Dec 29 02:35:29 1998

>Is it realy a colour display ? AFAIR these where B&W LCDs with
>a blueish backlight - so the dark blue is just 'less' blue
>due a switched on cell :) The only solution is to select for
>all used programms fore/background colours that match your need,
>like black on white whitch should result in light blue on dark
>blue - but belive me, the readability is poor.
It's Color in the fact that it uses shades of blue instead of shades of
gray. The dark blue is actually a switched off cell. I know it sounds
backwards, but when I disconnected the video cable once, and only the
backlight was on, the whole thing was dark blue.

I tried a little program that reverses the color, until something else
changes it, and it's actually easier to read (as long as the contrast is set
right). It's actually easier to read than some CRT's that I've seen,
because the letters aren't fuzzed out at the edges.
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