more interesting finds!

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Dec 29 19:10:33 1998


  They're in the Melbourne area. One is a surplus place but a lot of the
"good" stuff never gets to their store sincce they figure no one wants it.
They had PILES of MACs a few weeks ago. BTW I was there the other day and
found the remains of a CRAY!! It was already gutted, nothing left but the
frame and power supply.

   The other is a company that buys old computers and tears them down for
scrap. I've found lots of interesting stuff there. They usually charge by
the size. Lap top computers are $10, SUN computers are $50 -$75 or MORE
(he's no dummy!), old HP computers are $10 to $20.

  You should definitely check out the scrap places there. Make sure they
know that you're interested in OLD computers. Lots of those places are
caught up in the two-years-old-and-it's-obselete PC cycle. Make up some
cards and leave them with them. Give them my number for HP calculators and
other stuff :-)


At 12:18 PM 11/25/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi Joe,
> Where is this scrap place you are talking about?
>I know there are a couple of them here, never thought of looking there
>before. Do they sell you the stuff as scrap ?
>Or by the pound..?
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>Subject: more interesting finds!
>>I went to a scrap place yesterday and found a couple of interesting items.
>>One is a 16K core memory board for a Data General Nova. Huge sucker! It's
>>marked "DATA GENERAL CORP DGC NOVA 800 16K MEMORY STACK copyright 1973".
>>Anyone need this or should I just hang it on the wall to admire?
>> I also found several odd looking boxs that are labled as HDS ViewStation.
>>they're made by a company called Human Designed Systems. They're about 2"
>>tall and 12" square. They have connectors for all the following; thick and
>>thin ethernet, twisted pair, sun keyboard, standard PC keyboard, RJ serial
>>port, DB-25 serial, DB-25 parallel, PS-2 mouse and standard VGA video.
>>Does anyone know what these are or why they have so many ports?
>> Joe
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