HELP!!!! TRS-80 Mod III M/B NEEDED!!!!

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Tue Dec 29 19:44:12 1998

Jason Willgruber wrote:

> it all typed up (three SCRIPSIT files), switch on the trusty DWP II, and
> start printing. As the first two pages are done, I reach onto the shelf
> (above the computer) to get a paperclip to hold the whole thing together

I shouldn't say this, because there may be assassins listening.

No paperclip will ever cripple a TRS-80 Daisy Wheel Printer II unless
somebody is really trying hard -- it can't happen by accident -- hell,
it takes a Bigfoot in a bad mood with a tire iron to hurt one on

However, if you really want to kill one (and I'd much rather be given
the option of paying shipping plus a tip first);

The original AT&T 6300 and its Olivetti equivalents uses a DB-25 to
connect to the video monitor. It carries ?70VDC? to that monitor. If
you use that DB-25 to attach a (IBM-parallel standard) cable to a
Daisy Wheel Printer II (a machine that will otherwise work fine after
dropping off of a freeway overpass -- I speak from personal experience)
and turn things on, neither the DWP-II or the [expendable] Olivetti
computer will ever again give proper service.
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