Still OT: Pentium / M$ drivel... (fairly long)

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Wed Dec 30 14:17:44 1998

Allison wrote:
> Like you said marketing... who outside of us remembers OS-9 and the 6809?

Speaking of which, every time I run into people from MicroWare (i.e., at
the Embedded Systems Conference) I suggest to them that they should release
the old 6809 stuff free. Preferrably with source. Better yet, GPL'd.

They claim that they still sell a few copies now and then to some of their
licensees. But if it's not generating any real revenue for them, there's
no particularly good reason NOT to release it. It's all written in 6809
assembly, so it isn't portable to the modern RISC processors and x86
processors that they support with OS-9000, OS-9/68K, and their other
current products.

Does anyone have particularly good contacts inside MicroWare to try to push
this idea?

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