Year End Clearance

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Wed Dec 30 19:04:02 1998

At 14:07 12/30/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I have decided it is time to clean out some of the computer stuff.

Hi Mike!

One of my classic computer interests is VMEbus gear. I see you have some
modules. Could I obtain the ones I pointed out below?

>Also have the following loose VME bus cards:
>VME Module 01-W3471, circa 1987
>contains: 68020, 68851, 4mb of 1Mx1; front panel has leds for
>Fail, Halt, Run, Scon, push switches for Abort & Reset, and
>a 25 pin D connector. Have 2 of these.

I would like one. Interesting module number. Is this 01-W3471 number on one
of the ejector levers (like "MVME147SC-1" would be on the unit below?) Any
EPROMS from Motorola onboard?

>MVME147SC-1. circa 1990
>CPU with around 8mb of RAM

This one I could use as a spare for my similar model '147. I have a system
running OS-9/68k v. 2.4. Still have its Moto EPROMS?

>This is a wire wrap prototyping board

Yes! I want to do some good ol' fashioned hardware hacking on my VME crate.
This would do it!

>The next card is for the VME bus but is labeled Jupiter Technologies.
>I suspect it came from a UGC box. It contains a 68000 and around
>2mb of RAM, it is marked as being an 'IOP' card.

What's a 'UGC'?

'IOP' could probably mean I/O Processor.

>The last 2 cards were custom made by a local company and are probably
>of no use to anybody. Listed here to more or less keep track.

Any idea as to what their function was? Any CPU's onboard?

>Condition of all this is unknown.
  -- snip --
>Hewlett Packard
>Model 2631G
>132 column dot matrix printer
>This has a 24 pin connector similar to the 36 pin Centronics
>connector. Does anybody know the interface on this one?
It's an HPIB, aka (officially) IEEE-488.

I have two of the non-G versions (2631A). Wish I could get this but I can't
justify the shipping even if you were able to ship it. Any extra manuals
for this critter tho?

>Model 1325 70mb hard drive
>This is a loose one, and condition is unknown
>MicroVax 2000
>I have the case, boards and power supply. The RD54 was snatched up
>by a subscriber just recently.

Yeah, it was me!! Thanks again. It works okay too!

>Also have a spare MS400 2mb board and this is unused still in
>original box.

What's an MS400?? Just curious.

For whatever is available out of this list I will certainly at least cover
shipping costs and expenses.

Thanks Mike. Hope you had a good Christmas. I'm setting here coughing to
death from a doggone heavy cold I picked up last week. Ugh! Shoveling snow
to get Santa to come near the roof of the house got to me I guess ;-)

Best regards, Chris
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