Virus Checking

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Dec 30 20:26:26 1998

On 30 Dec 98 at 11:23, John Amirault wrote:

> HI,
> I loaded Canon Creative 2 onto my Packard Bell Cyrix 300 and got Hare 7756
> from it. Slowed this computer down to slower than my IBM PCjr. I booted from
> my boot disk that I made when I first got my computer and used my Windows98
> CD to run IRIS Antivirus and it cleaned the hard drive just fine.
> I sent the CD back to Canon and they gave me Canon Creative 4 free.
> On the PCjr, I picked up some floppies from the Salvation Army Store in
> Binghamton, NY and ran a program and got STONED on my computer. I shut it
> off and rebotted and ran my Antivirus on all the disks I have for the Jr.
> This process took me about 5 hours and came up with no more virus's, boy was
> I glad.
> On the PCjr, I use DOS 6.22 and MSAV. I also scan ALL disks and CD ROMs now
> no matter where they are from.
> John Amirault
 Beware of just using MSAV that came with 6.22. It does not pick up the newer
virii. My PC happily reported the system virus-free but some weird behavior led
me to use F-Prot and I dicovered to my horror a virus that had infected most of
my Dos-boxes. Since I use a lot of older systems and found proggies I had
figured that the newer virii would be unlikely to be present and had dealt
with older ones like the "stoned" and others. Now I always use the newest
version of virus-checker whenever I check out a new (old)box.

ciao larry
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