Ohio Scientific floppy progress

From: Bill Sudbrink <bill_at_chipware.com>
Date: Thu Dec 31 15:15:27 1998

So I built the PC to 8 inch floppy converter and
got the software working (see other message).
I have tested four of the six drives I have and...
Not only that, but they all agree with each other.
That is, a disk formatted and written on one drive
will read on any other drive.

Can I assume that this means they are all
properly aligned? I find this hard to believe
as two of the drives were mishandled during
shipping so badly that they sheared off their
mounting bolts and a few of the components
on one of the electronics boards were
damaged (more in next message).

Finally, where is write protection enforced?
There is a signal from the drive to the controller.
Is that just for the controllers information or
does the controller enforce the protection?
If the controller or software is bad can a drive
be forced to write to a protected disk?

Bill Sudbrink
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