That does not compute

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Dec 31 22:07:44 1998

Sam scribed:
>Well, certainly the '_at_' symbol was entirely useless until internet e-mail.
>And how many people actually use function keys any more in the age of the
>GUI and mouse?

The "_at_" symbol had at least one or two uses.

As for the function keys, until recently I think the only thing I'd ever
used them for was WordPerfect. Now I use them all the time on VT420's, and
wish I knew how to set them on a RS/6000. They would probably be used a
LOT more if people knew how, or if there was some nice UNIX/Mac/Windoz Apps
for setting them to do stuff (of course there probably is, but I can't
think of any).

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