C-64c probs

From: John Higginbotham <higginbo_at_netpath.net>
Date: Sun Feb 1 09:30:28 1998

At 10:02 AM 2/1/98 -0500, you wrote:

>Assuming the drive's device number has not been changed from eight, then the
>correct command is LOAD "*", 8, 1

What's the differenct between "$" and "*"? I've seen both used in this
context. How does one change a device number? I'm not Commodore expert. The
only other Commodore product I've had is a C-16, and that seems like ages ago.

>changed to 9, 10, or 11, then you will get a "device not found" error. Try
>the other numbers in place of 8 until you find the correct one. If the
>cable is bad or not connected properly, you should get a "device not
>present" error.

I'll give it a try. How long should I wait for a device not present
message? It's just sitting there looking for the floppy. I've got both the
C-64 manual and the 1541 manual, but can't see anything that'll help me.

>PS: I've got all kinds of 1541's if you really want/need one.

I'd like to get a second drive if this one is good, or two drives if this
one is bad, but I think the problem is just me sitting in front of it, and
not the drive.

-John Higginbotham-
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