C-64c probs

From: Cliff Gregory <cgregory_at_lrbcg.com>
Date: Sun Feb 1 11:06:14 1998

Load "*",8,1 loads the first program found on the disk; I'm not sure what
load "$" does, if anything. To change the device number in a 1541 is not
difficult, but it is a PITA because you must open the drive and cut through
one or more connections. It is also semi-permanent in that you need to
solder the connection back to reverse the procedure. There is a way to
configure device numbers on a two drive system by way of a command, but that
method escapes me at the moment.

You should get the error messages immediately. I pulled out a Commodore and
drive to try to recreate your problem, but could not (always got an error
message of one kind or another). The only thing I could suggest is that one
of the two serial ports on the drive is flakey. Either should work equally
as well, but try the other one just in case. Then maybe there is something
wrong with the C64 itself or its serial port. I'm just throwing out guesses

Cliff Gregory

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>>Assuming the drive's device number has not been changed from eight, then
>>correct command is LOAD "*", 8, 1
>What's the differenct between "$" and "*"? I've seen both used in this
>context. How does one change a device number? I'm not Commodore expert. The
>only other Commodore product I've had is a C-16, and that seems like ages
>>changed to 9, 10, or 11, then you will get a "device not found" error.
>>the other numbers in place of 8 until you find the correct one. If the
>>cable is bad or not connected properly, you should get a "device not
>>present" error.
>I'll give it a try. How long should I wait for a device not present
>message? It's just sitting there looking for the floppy. I've got both the
>C-64 manual and the 1541 manual, but can't see anything that'll help me.
>>PS: I've got all kinds of 1541's if you really want/need one.
>I'd like to get a second drive if this one is good, or two drives if this
>one is bad, but I think the problem is just me sitting in front of it, and
>not the drive.
>-John Higginbotham-
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