C-64c probs

From: Les Berry <lfb107_at_psu.edu>
Date: Sun Feb 1 11:37:04 1998

At 02:16 AM 2/1/98 +0930, adam_at_merlin.net.au wrote:
>>At 10:02 AM 2/1/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>>Assuming the drive's device number has not been changed from eight, then the
>>>correct command is LOAD "*", 8, 1
>>What's the differenct between "$" and "*"? I've seen both used in this
>>context. How does one change a device number? I'm not Commodore expert. The
>>only other Commodore product I've had is a C-16, and that seems like ages
>"$" loads the file directory from the disk, and you use "list" to see
>what files are on it. "*" loads the first program on the disk, and I
>assume the ,1 is to either load an assembly program, or to automatically
>run the file once loaded. The ,8 is the device number - thus try, say,
>,9. :)

LOAD"*",8,1 will load the last program loaded. If there was none,
it will then load the first program on the disk.

The ",1" is what is called the relocate flag. When it is notr there (or ",0")
it tells the 64(or any commodore) to load the program at wherever the
BASIC memory space starts. A ",1" tells it to load the program into whatever
area of memory from which it was saved. (Usually used for machine language)
This is why you get a screwed up screen if you use LOAD"$",8,1 to get a

To change a devce number on the 1541 (1571, 1581 too) use:

OPEN 15,"dn",15
PRINT#15,"M-W"CHR$(119)CHR$(0)CHR$(2)CHR$("New Device Number" + 32)CHR$("New
Device Number" +64)

"dn" is the current device number of your drive (probably 8)
and "New Device Number" is the number you want to change it to.
(Anything from 9-127 or so I think)

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