Columbia (was EPROM programmers)

From: Glenn Roberts <>
Date: Sun Feb 1 19:29:09 1998

At 08:27 PM 1/30/98, Joe wrote:
>I had completely forgotten about having that Columbia until you asked
>about the programmer. Anyone know much about this computer? I've never
>used it for anything but EPROM programming

i've got an old columbia as well. worked with them quite a bit when they
first came out. even have an old tech. ref. somewhere.

as i recall columbia computer products saw a market opportunity when IBM
first came out with the XT. IBM couldn't keep up with demand and columbia
came out with an XT clone and they were selling them like hotcakes for a

soon they lost their competitive edge to the herds of clone makers but for
a while they were quite the rising star in the young PC clone industry.

- glenn

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