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From: Joe <>
Date: Sun Feb 1 22:16:20 1998


At 09:33 AM 2/1/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Joe wrote:
>> I have an Intel developement system. Almost never use it. I should get
>> rid of it. I ould be interested in any S-100 stuff that you find that
>> will work in an Altair.
>> Joe
>Hi Joe,
>I have several leads on people with S-100 boards so if you are looking for
>something specific, let me know. Can't promise anything except that I will

   I don't know enough about the Altair to be specific. I would like to
get some kind of tape cassette, video interface and keyboard interface for
it. The keyboard interfaces can be tricky. There are keyboards with serial
interfaces, matrixs and parallel interfaces, so you'd almost have to get a
keyboard with it. I think the same applies to a cassette interface. I
don't know if the tapes are different depending on the interface or not.
One of the other things that I need is software disks or tapes. I have
manuals for North Star monitor and BASIC and other programs but not the
software. I also have a manual for Microsoft Basic 80 but no software.

>check around. I would think that most, if not all, S-100 stuff would work
>in the Altair. It is possible that compatability with the actual MITS
>boards could be a problem though; Allison, Jim or a few others could
>probably say more about board compatibility. The Intel Development System I
>have hasn't even been fired up (my me!) yet as I acquired it only to add to
>the collection.
> Idea - Something that might be really interesting at the next VCF is to
>have a number of operating tools for people to see what was used and how it
>was used to develop hardware and software for the early microcomputer

   Yes, that would be nice but I doubt I'll make it to VCF. I'm too far
away. I'd like to learn more about the IDS. They seem to be a very
versatile systems and I have a lot of interesting accessories for mine.
(like In Circuit Emulators.)
> Joe
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