Tansputer Compilers

From: Mike Allison <mallison_at_konnections.com>
Date: Sun Feb 1 21:56:38 1998


INMOS donated their OCCAM compiler and there's a OCCAM for All
initiative to create free OCCAM compilers on all platforms.

Also, MINIX was ported to the Transputer back in 92 or 94.

Take a look at hensa's unix site at:


for their transputer stuff.


Tony Duell wrote:
> It's certainly a fun device. Alas I've never tried writing machine code
> for it (although I now have the somewhat hard-to-find instruction set
> book), and I don't have any compilers for it here. Do such things exist
> under the GPL, for example - I've never looked.
> -tony
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