GRiDCase 3 EPROM Programmer

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Feb 2 07:07:25 1998

  No idea. Have you tried examining the program with a hex editor like
List to see if it shows who wrote it? Look for the Copyright notice. also
see it has any error or help massages buried in it. If it's written by one
of the EPROM burner makers like Sunshine, they should be able to tell you
about it. Considering the name, it sounds like it was written specifically
for the Grid.

   If you run it with no ERPOM burner attached, it will probably give you
an error message stating that the burner is not attached to port X. That
should give you a clue.


At 11:15 PM 2/1/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I came across a program yesterday called GRiDROM.EXE. Apparently, it was
>used to drive an EPROM Programmer via the GRiDCase 3's serial port. My only
>question now is this:
>Would this most likley be a proprietary EPROM Burner or could I use any
>model, as long as it talked through the serial port?
>I know nothing of EPROM Programmers, so be gentle. :)
>-John Higginbotham-
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