I think this RD54 is dead...

From: Boris Gjenero <bgjenero_at_undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca>
Date: Mon Feb 2 09:25:18 1998

Daniel A. Seagraves wrote:
> I think this RD54 may have died. It DID have the spin-up disease, (Wouldn't
> spin up), but this was just a bad case of stiction. I spun the disk and it worked.
> Now, I try to format the disk (test 70 on uVAX 2000) and it acts funny.
> Before, it would only recognise as unit 1. It would fail
> the RdMbb step, format would be OK, and the Checkpass would take eternity.
> (I let it run overnight, it completed 3 dots.)

It seems to me that the Checkpass does that if there are too many bad
sectors on the disk. (There may be other causes too.) I'm not sure how
to deal with such a problem. I have an RD53 with too many bad sectors.
The format hung even after I changed all the appropriate parameters so
that there were sufficient replacement blocks. (You know, this really
makes me question my belief in the immortality of RD53s :-)
> I set it to unit 0, same trick but the RdMbb is OK.
> Jumper problem?

I think that the ID jumper on the drive has to be set to 3.
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