Coleco Adam pricing

From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Mon Feb 2 16:13:04 1998

At 01:25 PM 1/30/98 -0800, you wrote:
>No way! Maybe $50 at the top end, but $75 is way too much. These are not
>someone was trying to sell one at a swap meet? What would you expect to
>pay for an old-assed, obsolete computer with no current support that some
>guy had lying on the ground in a parking lot? For a Coleco Adam, I'd say
>that number is between $25 - $30.
Well, certainly, one can always hope to find a deal. I recently paid $750
for a non-running, 1959 Land Rover with no rear wheels and last registered
in 1988. The seller told me that the next day someone showed up at his
door with $2000 in cash.

So, yes, if you want to wait 'til you find one at a flea market, then you
should be able to get one for $25-30. (Heck, I've seen 'em (missed out on
'em) for free!)

But, if you want one, and you know of one for sale, with some extra parts,
I don't think $75 is an unreasonable asking price. Not everyone will pay
it, of course; many will wait for the flea market, but there will be those
who would just as soon pay a little more to have it now.

For comparison purposes, I bought my main Land Rover ("Indy") 8 years ago
for $10K. It's also a '59. (Though in better shape, a long-wheelbase
model, and had a few extras.)

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