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Date: Mon Feb 2 20:58:57 1998

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>Joe <> wrote:
>> Thanks Frank. I have two HP 2626s coming. I'd like give them a try just
>> for kicks. I understand that they'll support up to four sessions
>> simultanously. Seems stange to think of running the Altair via something
>> like that.
>2626A or 2626W? The latter were intended for use with a word-processing
>product for the HP3000, called HPWORD. But that's another story, and
>as terminals they don't behave much different from each other.

   They're 2626A models.
>It's been a while since I did anything with them but I do remember
>setting one up to do the multi-session thing just to see how it
>worked. Conceptually it goes something like this: the terminal can
>have up to four workspaces, where each workspace has a chunk of the
>terminal's display buffer memory. You can then split the display into
>two or four windows (tiles) into the workspaces and associate devices
>with the workspaces (don't remember the details of this). But you
>only have two datacomm ports, so I'm not really sure how you can
>manage four sessions.

     I wondered about that too. Here is what the manual says "The HP 2626A
is a multi-workspace, multi-window terminal with dual data communications
port capability. These and other capabilities may be dynamically configured
as four logically-independent virtual terminals. The terminal handles line
lengths up to 160 characters and offers foreign language options and an
integral printer option."

  I wonder what a "virtual terminal" is?
>Oh, how well did it work? I seem to remember thinking that it was
>cumbersome to use, difficult to switch between workspaces and to
>resize them as you were going. But I knew some other people who used
>this to move small chunks of text between two connected host
>computers, so maybe it was just something that you could get used to
>after a while.

   Do you remember how they moved text between windows? Is it a cut and
paste operation like MS Windows?

>> I do have some junk VT-320s that I had forgotten about. I'll see if one
>> of them works in the mean time.
>Should be OK too, even if you end up working with software that expects
>a VT100. But I bet the Portable Pluses are easier to move!

   Yes, but the VT 320 is a LOT easier to read. I had forgotten that I had
a terminal program for the Portable Plus, I could use them too. The
software isn't looking for a VT terminal, just a plain ASCII terminal.

>-Frank McConnell
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