Pinouts on a DEC VT320 terminal

From: Captain Napalm <>
Date: Tue Feb 3 01:37:22 1998

It was thus said that the Great Tim Shoppa once stated:
> > So I have this DEC VT320 terminal in front of me and it does work (very
> > nicely, if I do say so). But what has me disturbed is the serial output
> > port on this thing - it's the stranges port I've seen. Like a phone jack
> > only not quite. And before I spend something like $50 on a cable, can
> > anyone tell me what the pin outs are?
> It's a DEC modified modular jack (MMJ). Connectors are widely available
> from any good electronic store (if you don't have one in your neighborhood,
> I recommend Digi-Key.) Pinout is as follows:
  [ pinouts snipped ]

  Thanks. I was able to make the cable (and in fact, I'm using the terminal
and my 28.8kpbs modem as I write) and it works fine.

  -spc (Cool! Now only if the Wyse terminal worked 8-)
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