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Date: Tue Feb 3 03:44:05 1998


Recently I picked up an EEPROM programmer (An Elan Universe 1000 to be
precise) and I want to use it read and save the contents of the EEPROMs
in my old computers. There is a small LCD display on the programmer
from which I can select various output formats, and I was wondering
which ones are the best / most popular? The format are:

  Tek Hex
  ASCII Hex Space
  Motorola S Rec
  Intel Std & 8086
  Elan Fuse Map
  Mos Tech
  Texas Tags

Also any specifications for the above formats would be much

Again through the LCD configuration options it seems that the programmer
can be remotely controlled using the following formats:

  Philips PMDS
  Intel MDS
  Elan Easycom

I have searched the Web but found nothing on these protocols. Can any
body help me?

Many thanks.

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