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From: Andrew Davie <>
Date: Tue Feb 3 05:45:43 1998

Hello to the list members. I've just joined you.
Based in Australia, I have

    Altair 8800b (don't ask the price!)
    Kaypro II (found today - $30)
    Exidy Sorcerer x 2 ($25)
    Ohio Scientific Challenger 1P board (free)
    Dick Smith Wizzard (aka. CreatiVision) ($10)
    Sinclair ZX80 ($1)
    Sinclair ZX81 ($1)
    Sinclair Spectrum (trade for a slide rule)
    Atari 800 + 810 (well my Mum has it, but I'm working on that)

Although not a big collector of the older computers, I am in general an avid
collector of smaller computing devices such as slide rules and calculators.
I'd like to announce my web-sites on these subjects...

Museum of Soviet Calculators

Slide Rule Trading Post

My intent in joining, however, is to share my resources (boxes of software
for Exidy Sorcerer - but I can't load any of it - no working drive!) and
perhaps utilise the brain pool of this list to help me get my Altair up and
running, and also enable my Kaypro II to boot to anything but <System?> I
also have manuals for about 10 different Kaypro packages - email me for

In any case, I was pleased to accidentally stumble on this list, and
fervently hope it is still an active one. I do welcome private
communications, but would generally prefer discussion on the list for the
benefit of all.

Andrew Davie
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