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From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_servtech.com>
Date: Tue Feb 3 15:19:01 1998

At 12:30 03-02-98 -0500, William Donzelli <william_at_ans.net> wrote:

>Just because the sticker says 30 amps does not mean it will draw that
>much! In general, those ratings are worst case (a fully blown system), and
>includes some safety factor (as well as some surge).

Oh I already knew that, William. A 30A breaker works out fine to handle the
six 9332 DASD units (IBM's accronym for these type of hard disks for some
of you other observers), 9345 tape drive, rack power controllers and the
9370-60 CPU.

>For example, the ex-NFSnet RS/6000s are rated for 240V _at_ 20 amps, but in
>their current state (loaded with memory, one DASD shelf), they only suck
>about two amps!
>Do not be suprised if that 9370 only sucks a few amps.

Can't recall exactly, but total draw was about 11 to 12 amps or so when I
checked last fall before I put the system to bed while we were shopping for
a house. 30A dual-pole breaker was on hand and turns out to handle surge
okay. I have done industrial wiring at work as part of my engineering
responsibilities so have experience with handling stuff like this.

Still dumped alotta heat! :-) We got cheap electricity in this town. $0.036
per KWH vs. about $0.08 or more per KWH outside of the area.

Can't wait to work more with the system later this year if the wife has no
additional remodeling in the new house for me to do :-(
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