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Date: Tue Feb 3 13:31:26 1998

> I recently came into possession of a PS/1 model 2011. (I believe that
> this was one of the initial PS/1 models). It has a '286 processor and
> 30 meg harddrive. Unfortunately, the harddrive seems to be DOA (1701
> error on boot up). The system will boot up to a 4 quadrant screen from
> the rom. I have downloaded the programs from IBM to switch the boot
> sequence to the floppy, but I cannot access any of the software that
> came with the system (MS Works et al.). The docs seem to imply that I
> can create a diskette version to run the software, which would be great
> if I had the original diskettes.
> So I'm wondering if there is anyone out there that I could get a copy of
> the diskettes that came with this system?
> Thanks,
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> Dan Rector
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Dan, find both setup programs at IBM site one for configuring the pc
to which startup and one to configure the mouse ports etc.. I'm not
sure if your HD is still living or not.

Sigh...not thinking straight tonite, poor sleep last nite. :)

Jason D.
Pero, Jason D.
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