Video connectors (was: CGA Modes (Wuz: Win 3.0))

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Tue Feb 3 23:10:14 1998

Allison J Parent wrote:
> <example, certainly is. I'm not saying we don't need 15 pins; I say we ne
> <15 THICKER pins, and since this connector is typically the only connecto
> <on the back of a VGA adapter, there's plenty of room.
> Par of the resoning was that it should have a connector that is not like
> any other. if it were a standard db9 or db15 you'd have people plugging
> into the serial port screaming it don't work. It's bad enough that you
> have people that will force things no matter what.
> Allison

Especially from the experience of the AT&T (Olivetti) 6300 video
interface using what looked liked a standard DB-25, but with one
line carrying 70vdc to power the monitor. A guy with a standard
PC printer cable discovered the only way I ever heard of to kill
a Radio Shack Daisy Wheel Printer II (a tire iron wouldn't!). It
also killed the 6300, but at the time they were easier to find.
Ward Griffiths
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