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Date: Wed Feb 4 03:15:31 1998

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> Yes, its a 2011-c34. I have no problem booting from the rom. I hear
> the hd spin up but then it slows down again and the light stays on. I
> get a 1701 error and an indication to press f1. After pressing f1 the
> computer boots from either the floppy or the rom.
> I wish I could have made backups first but it was doa when I got it. Do
> you know if the parts (hd floppy) are interchangeable with ps/2
> hardware?

hard drives of this kind is very common if it was made by ibm and in
early times. Just take it out anyway. Spin down from spin up is bad
news anyway.

I was very, very interested in knowing if interface really is ata
type IDE or NOT?!

Jason D.
> Thanks for the software source tip.
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> Dan Rector
Pero, Jason D.
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