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Date: Wed Feb 4 09:52:03 1998

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>>the eminent slipsticker Andrew Davie wrote:
>"Slipsticker"?!? I thought I was the last one! C'mon -- who else here has
>his old slide rule _and_ still remembers how to use it?

Tho I haven't "Slip-stuck" (other than the usual wintertime stuff up here
in the "Great White North" ;-) in quite some time, I still have my
slide-rule in the basement, right next to the book w/ instructions on how
to use it... (I can remember the simpler functions (multiply, divide & the
like) but how to use the thing for calculus & whatnot I'm sure has
"slipped" my mind... (lame) Pun intended ;^>

And tho we did have some TRS-80 Model 4's (and an old IBM Series/1) in high
school, I did use it occasionally during geometry / algebra class when
necessary -- took it to college a few times to, but just to watch people
gawk... ;-)

Have fun,
Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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