Video connectors (was: CGA Modes (Wuz: Win 3.0

From: PG Manney <>
Date: Wed Feb 4 10:11:56 1998

I had a customer who plugged in his IDE cable's middle connector (HDD one
end, motherboard on the other) into the sound board's IDE pins, because "it
looked like it fit."

Some people will do ANYTHING!


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> Subject: Re: Video connectors (was: CGA Modes (Wuz: Win 3.0
> Date: Tuesday, February 03, 1998 10:40 PM
> <example, certainly is. I'm not saying we don't need 15 pins; I say we
> <15 THICKER pins, and since this connector is typically the only connecto
> <on the back of a VGA adapter, there's plenty of room.
> Par of the resoning was that it should have a connector that is not like
> any other. if it were a standard db9 or db15 you'd have people plugging
> into the serial port screaming it don't work. It's bad enough that you
> have people that will force things no matter what.
> Allison
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